The OPEX Approach to fitness

We all are unique. At OPEX Omaha West we create personalized fitness programs that are 100% tailored to your values, your priorities and your needs.

Every workout is designed specifically for you with monthly consultations, ongoing assessments and nutritional guidance to help you stay on track. Your coach becomes your partner on your fitness journey.


Get to know you in a consultation


Take you through an initial assessment


Test, evaluate and educate


Get your individualized plan for success
OPEX Omaha West

What we offer

  • On-site coaching
    Personalized fitness delivered by professional coaches for outstanding, long-term results.

  • Remote Coaching
    If you live in the Omaha metro and would like to partner with a professional coach, Remote Coaching from OPEX Omaha West allows you to continue to utilize your own gym.

  • Personal Training
    If you prefer to work individually with your coach, we provide an option for personal training in a private, one-on-one appointment.

OPEX Omaha West Free Consult

We're so confident, your initial consultation is completely free.

Don't worry, this consultation isn't a workout to make you sweat.
It's our chance to hear your story and provide a plan that's right for you.

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Our insights on health, fitness & lifestyle

  • 16 Nov

    Trust in the Plan and Trust in Yourself
    “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”-Henry Ward Beecher I did a push up the other day, ONE WHOLE PUSHUP! HELL YEAH!!! I got excited about that.  ...
  • 12 Oct

    Working out, Training, or Testing?
    What did you do today in the gym?Were you working out, training, or testing?If your fitness program matches your priorities outside of the gym, you likely were training.  Working out implies that y...
  • 11 Oct

    Are you energized or anxious?
    How are you feeling today?  (1)    Are you energized, fully engaged and loving life?  (2)    Or are you anxious, depressed, or feeling stuck?  (3)    Or are you bored with life and directionless, h...
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